From far-flung jungle mines... not on any map!

Here's how we are able to bring you nature's rarest jewels to create...

The World's Most Personalised
Engagement Rings!

In spite of kidnappers, man-eaters, albino cockroaches, and no roads to escape... you'll never feel like you're wearing somebody else's engagement ring!

I used to wonder if flying back home covered in vampire mosquito bites, welts, and diseased by parasitic amoebas is a worthy profession.

But that was before I realised a surprising truth.

A tiny class of rebels weren’t exactly seduced by the famous marketing campaign: “A diamond is a girl's best friend.”

They couldn't befriend any old diamond, let alone create their most meaningful piece of jewellery knowing just half of the diamonds "true" origin story.

Instead of buying an engagement ring like everybody else does today, based on a diamonds most basic 4 c's, these discerning consumers will take a similar approach to connoisseurs of investment grade jewels.

Not prepared to compromise, they are keen to discover what the official certificate fails to reveal about a stone's 5th and 6th "c". I've worked with gems from the rough for over 20 years and it can teach you things about a stone that a certificate will never tell you.

Think about it this way: ask any of your married friends today and you'll quickly discover that...

As a result of a surge in robotic websites that, after a few clicks of your mouse, churn and dispatch ready-made engagement rings in huge batches worldwide, few brides have ever touched a precious gemstone in its rough form. And far fewer will transform one into a unique engagement ring. Until now.

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." - Mark Twain

The Mass-Market

99.99% of brides are sold their diamond in a ready-made ring after three years in a mass-market conveyor belt...


The Wild Tribe

Take ownership of your engagement ring jewel before anyone else, in the rough, possibly minutes from discovery...

A World Away From Mass Production

The first thing you hold in the palm of your hand is a one-billion-year-old rough crystal direct from Mother Nature.

Your handpicked rough diamond, emerald, ruby, or sapphire - chiseled out of the host rock just for you 

"There's nothing more exhilarating than knowing Alvin hunts for your engagement ring stone, not in a wholesalers briefcase, but in a far flung jungle mine - with a chance he may not even find it.” - Tom, Greenwich.

Yet I sometimes wonder if I’m the fool crossing crocodile infested rivers and sleeping in villages with man-eating rats just to bring back rough jewels with a complete trail of provenance.

But, if I didn't risk flying directly to the mine myself, to swig jet-fueled moonshine with local artisans that have traditionally dug for rare gems since Biblical times, these hard working family men would lose out a disproportionate amount of profit to opportunistic middlemen.

I couldn't bare create a deeply personal engagement ring with a gemstone that may have changed hands up to 30 times before arriving on your future wife’s finger. In fact, I'd never really know if it was part of a warlord's cache!

“She said, ‘Yes!’ immediately and loves the ring. She melted into my arms when I explained the ring didn't exist until you unearthed a rough tanzanite from the mine. ‘All that effort for me?!!’ she asked, before crying. Thank you for accepting to work on our engagement ring. A truly unique experience...” - Graham S., London

What's more, if these tribal communities didn't accept this little guy (yours truly) as a trusted outsider, I'd never be able to offer discerning clients like you a chance to hold a rough jewel in your hand, and more importantly, have a say in shaping its future.

I reasoned, why should its future be determined by anyone else but the person who will wear it forever?


The Wild Engagement Ring®

No other woman will have the  exact same ring

A promise I can only deliver by leaving the comforts of a Hatton Garden office.

I've been stung by African killer bees. Ambushed by road bandits. Stranded in Africa's wildest national park, in the dead of night, with a pack of heinous hyenas closing in, only to be rescued by the most hospitable "elephant poachers" you’ll ever meet.

Stalked by a leopard that sprung into camp. Dodged a lethal green mamba snake strike. Escaped an angry spear-wielding mob, and nervously befriended tribes that steal meat from feeding lions.

I've even been offered the hand of mine owners’ daughters in marriage!

You might think that would be enough of a sign from the gem God's to pack it all up. But no, The Wild Tribe are mighty insistent on individuality.

They demand a level of personalisation impossible to achieve by commissioning an engagement ring at a traditional jeweller.

That is because to create the world's most personalised engagement ring, there is no shortcut.

You must go beyond simply designing your ring, which everyone seems to be doing right now. Instead, you have to start by shaping the rough crystal.

Make your engagement ring feel six times more you

It may resemble a Cartier, Graff or a Tiffany, but six secret details prove it's a genuine Wild


Personalise your bespoke ring with six novel techniques revealed to clients only - for your eyes only. Once you've handpicked your rough gem, as creative partners, you'll work closely with Wild’s master gem cutter as he skillfully unlocks its hidden beauty. Faceting it to your personalised and, even custom design.

Isn't this how Alexander the Great did it?

True, there is nothing new about Wild's approach. The newest look in engagement ring jewellery goes back over 4000 years.

Alexander the Great would've had to do something similar. He owned one of the world's first emerald mines and traveled on horseback through the rugged Egyptian mountains to inspect and select the best rough production.

"My local jeweller said he could not create any jewellery from a raw gemstone. He only imports pre-cut gems, mostly from Asian wholesalers. And because the stone I wanted to purchase for my partner would become a family heirloom, I was eager to know more about it's origin. Alvin's less traditional approach, greatly helped my cause. Adria D., Nottingham.

Sword in sheath, he would give royal jewellers rough emeralds to create jewellery that would make his wife look impressively unique - or else!

Similarly, minus the threat of being beheaded, rather than commissioning an engagement ring set with a gemstone you know very little about, our tiny list of clients choose to create the world's most personalised engagement rings from scratch, starting with an ethically sourced rough gemstone, handpicked directly from a mine.


Like the stunning 15 carat rough yellow sapphire I pursued for over 6,500 miles by plane, train, automobile, and camel.

Finally shaking the hand of the warrior cattle herder who owned what came to be known as “The Sapphire Cow.”

It's clumsy hoof had made the "new" bonanza discovery.

It kicked a pile of dust and dislodged the bright-yellow glittering gem enough to catch the herder's eye.

Mesmerized, he had no idea what it was, and in his Borena mother tongue, said: “... it's a chipped piece of sun that fell from the sky!”

In a moment of sun-stroked exuberance, even I believed him.

In fact, I wondered, "is this the legendary Ethiopian deposit National Geographic explorers are still searching for today?

Could this be a Sapphire from King Solomon's mine?"

"Drunken Madness!" I hear you say

Whatever the case, nothing stopped us from having a mischievous celebration around the campfire that night.

This yellow jewel became the first Ethiopian sapphire officially certified in Hatton Garden, London’s premier jewellery district.

"Steve, I have the piece."

"Alvin called from the bush on a terrible crackling telephone line: "Steve, I have the piece," is all I could make out. He finally found the colour Sharon wanted. My-my, the sense of excitement!" Walter G. Bray.

More importantly, you should've seen what this stone looked like after faceting it. So saturated in colour, Mother Nature had to have worked overtime to produce it.

Today, it’s set in South African platinum. Flanked by the most sparkling D colour diamonds and sits in the private collection of a lady who is very selective about what she wears.

She now owns a unique heirloom piece with true depth and soul. Personalised at every stage of creation. Boasting an unforgettable trail of provenance.

of jewellery has a story. Why
invest in an engagement ring
without knowing yours?

Accept no substitute.

Preserve your gem's tale of discovery forever in the leather hardback book you will receive.

Your WILD Engagement Ring’s creative adventure will be beautifully presented through photographs, signed artwork, and an unexpected and unique story.

From the discovery of your rough gemstone to faceting it, smelting your ingot of metal, and right through to completing your one-of-a-kind engagement ring.

Recorded for the eyes of those you allow to see. Your GIA-certified jewel will be delivered in a museum archive box that denotes its heirloom status. A magical experience that impresses top international clientele.

Alvin can only work with a few clients at a time. 

It's prudent to make an early enquiry so you're added to our waiting list. 

Please only request an invitation to join our waiting list if you are clear on the following points:

  1. If at all possible, we would prefer to meet you in-person. 
  2. For privacy reasons, some clients sign a nondisclosure agreement.
  3. Proposing next week? A WILD Engagement Ring can take 6-12 weeks to complete. This means, we do C-level "rush" commissions. (But that's our secret.) 

All that sound reasonable? Alright ...

It's time to get you unfettered access to the finest inventory of ethically-sourced rough jewels, exclusively for the world's most personalised engagement rings.



"Maybe you are happy knowing very little about your engagement ring"

I was told the day my emerald was first discovered. I know which mine it came from. I know the man that discovered it has a wife and three children. His name is Jethro. I know it took 37 hours to cut. I even have off-cuts of emerald he did not use. Thanks to your approach, I know everything about my engagement ring. Thank you. - Sean, London.