Real Men Only: 27 Ways to Find Out Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing

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Scientifically, its the best way to propose.

But not all men agree with renowned author Tania Luna. What about you?

Should you even bother trying to find out her ring size without her knowing? Will it really make a difference to your big day?

Here’s what she told Men’s Health, Entrepreneur Magazine and The New York Times…

“Our best memories always contain an element of surprise. Surprise increases dopamine in the brain. Dopamine increases attraction, excitement, and motivation. Being surprised actually causes humans to physically freeze for 1/25th of a second. Surprise intensifies our emotions by 400%…”

This article is for men who want to avoid making a half-assed attempt of finding out their partner’s ring size. Instead, you want the correct engagement ring size. You want to keep the element of surprise. And more importantly, you want to make your proposal unforgettable.

So, how can I find out my girlfriend’s ring size – secretly?

Well, you are about to review the ultimate collection of ring size getting tactics. Which one will you deploy?

The Candlestick Method?

The Heavy Sleeper Method?

Maybe The Drunken Master Method is all you’ll ever need.

“I can’t believe it worked!”

You’ll notice, for easy navigation, the 27 methods to secretly find out your girlfriend’s ring size are broken down into three categories:

Category 1 (Method 1-11) your partner needs to know her ring size or she should wear an existing ring.
Category 2 (Method 12-22) she doesn’t need to wear an existing ring.
Category 3 (Method 23-27) you will need a ring sizer to try any of these methods.

We will be happy to send you a complimentary ring sizer. Use it to measure your partner’s ring size at home. You will also need it to try a number of the listed tactics below. Your free ring sizer will arrive within three to five business days.


This is important:

A ring your partner wears on her engagement ring finger will size differently to all of her other fingers. No other finger will size accurately. Make sure you measure the correct finger.

Ring sizing tactics that James Bond didn’t even know about…

1#: The Thief Method

Level of Difficulty: 4/10
Level of Accuracy: 9/10
Level of Stealth: 10/10

OK, there’s nothing 007 about this particular tactic.

If your partner’s out of town, or you know she won’t notice one of her rings missing, just “steal” it. Or should we say borrow it?

Now, before you excitedly hurry to your nearest jeweller to get this example ring sized, here’s a warning worth repeating:

Every hand is unique. Every finger has its own name. Make sure the ring you take from her jewellery box is one she actually wears on her engagement finger.

Confused about which ring that is?

You may have to take more than one ring from her collection to get an average ring size.

If she doesn’t wear a ring on her engagement ring finger, you can still use this method as a starting point. Read on to discover other methods more suited to your circumstances.

2#: The Trace Method

Level of Difficulty: 8/10
Level of Accuracy: 6/10
Level of Stealth: 9/10

You will need the ring your partner wears on her engagement ring finger for an undisturbed 20 minutes.

Carefully trace that ring on a piece of paper using a sharp pencil or fine tipped pen. Trace the inside and outside of the ring. Do this several times to get consistent measurements.

Now, take your artwork to your local jeweller. A good jeweller will figure out the diameter of her ring from your traced sketches.

3#: The Mom Method

Level of Difficulty: 3/10
Level of Accuracy: 8/10
Level of Stealth: 9/10

When is the right time to speak to your partner’s mother about your marriage plans?

If you intend on speaking to her parents before proposing, this could be a good time to ask her mom about ring sizes: “Steve asked Mom for my ring size. Mom knew my size immediately because we have tried on each other’s rings many times and we are the same size,” said Mary.

If you’re ready to let Mom in on your big plans, this is an easy way to figure out her ring size – certainly worth a try.

4#: The Urgent Sale Method

Level of Difficulty: 6/10
Level of Accuracy: 10/10
Level of Stealth: 10/10

How creative are you?

Tammy said; “My husband recruited a good friend of mine. She works for a high street fashion brand. She called me one day and said their accessories department was having a huge in-house sale to staff and there may be some jewellery on offer, so she asked for my bracelet and ring sizes to see if any stock would fit me. I didn’t hesitate sending my sizes. I never did hear anything about the sale but it wasn’t long before my husband proposed with a stunning diamond ring”

Could a similar ruse work for you?

5#: The Soap Method

Level of Difficulty: 6/10
Level of Accuracy: 7/10
Level of Stealth: 9/10

Before you work out how to get one of her rings in your hand for at least 20 minutes, you will need to buy a few mini bars of soap. Simple, rectangular, flat bars work best.

Press the ring down into the soap to create an imprint of her ring. Do this gently. Push too hard and you’ll crack the bar of soap. Try to make an imprint on both sides of the soap.

Take your best imprinted bars to your jeweller. If he is any good, he will measure the imprint and size your partner’s ring for you.

"When I first saw the ring, my heart sunk" said Jen.
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6#: The Candlestick Method

Level of Difficulty: 6/10
Level of Accuracy: 8/10
Level of Stealth: 10/10

When you have her ring in your hand, gently push it over a tapered candlestick.

Where the ring stops, mark the candlestick clearly with a fine tipped pen. Repeat the process with a few more candlesticks to get an average measurement.

Deliver your candles to your local jeweller. He will use your candle markings to size your partner’s ring with his ring sizing gauge.

7#: The Desperate Method

Level of Difficulty: 6/10
Level of Accuracy: 4/10
Level of Stealth: 10/10

Slip her ring onto one of your fingers. Similar to the candlestick method, with a fine tipped pen, mark your finger where the ring stops.

Now, avoid washing your hands and hurry along to the jewellery shop. They will measure the mark to determine the size of the ring you just tried on.

Admittedly, this tactic will not give you the most accurate engagement ring sizing, which is why it is called The Desperate Method – only you will know when to deploy it.

8#: The Game Method

Level of Difficulty: 7/10
Level of Accuracy: 9/10
Level of Stealth: 9/10

Plan a trivia game night with family or friends. Cleverly frame into the game, a question about shoe size, and, that’s right; “finger sizes.” If your partner knows her engagement ring size, you’ll know it too in record time.

If she doesn’t know her ring size, you can think of a way to plant the free ring sizer you ordered here. Maybe a friend could say she had one in her hand bag from her last ring shopping spree. Have her pull it out at the right time to size all who are playing the game.

The great thing about this method is if someone else asks the question; “what’s your ring size?” your partner will never guess your big plans. In fact, she will need to have worked for MI5 to work out that you’re trying to marry her.

9#: Cunningham’s Law Method

Level of Difficulty: 5/10
Level of Accuracy: 10/10
Level of Stealth: 9/10

“Prêcher le faux pour savoir le vrai” say the French.

It means “preach the falsehood to know the truth.”

You may know it as Cunningham’s Law, or the art of guessing wrong.

Use this method by saying something like this: “Hey honey, I told Steve at work about the ring I wanted to buy for myself but I didn’t know the size, so guess what he said? Apparently, your shoe size divided by two plus three is your ring size too. Believe it or not it was accurate for me, what about you?” “No, my shoe size is X and my ring size in Y”

Voila! The power of Cunningham’s Law is at work for you.

10#: The School Project Method

Level of Difficulty: 7/10
Level of Accuracy: 10/10
Level of Stealth: 9/10

Do you know any school age children? If so, get them in on the fun.

Ask a trusted child to call you and your partner to ask if you can both help with a school science project.

The project consists of collecting data on immediate family. The class will then compare this data. All they need to collect is size data, like height, weight, waist, shoe, bra, hat, and you guessed it – “finger size.”

You can go the extra mile and collect leg length, arm length, finger length, and the rest – you get the point.

The level of stealth for this method would be 10/10, but if the child you enlist is anything like my 8-year-old-son, there’s a good chance he’ll rat you out within 24 hours – unless you include a non-disclosure fee.

11#: The Ring Clean Method

Level of Difficulty: 2/10
Level of Accuracy: 10/10
Level of Stealth: 10/10

She already wears a ring on her engagement ring finger. When last was it professionally cleaned?

Offer to get it cleaned at your local jewellers.

This will make you look good while also giving you an opportunity to get the ring covertly sized.

“Now that’s one I would have never thought of. Brilliant!”

Let’s move on to the next category.

Remember, your partner doesn’t need an existing ring to make the following ring sizing methods work.

12#: The Decoy Method

Level of Difficulty: 5/10
Level of Accuracy: 10/10
Level of Stealth: 10/10

Pretend you want to buy a ring for your mom, sister, aunt, niece, or friend.

Think of some special reason to buy this ring. More importantly, invite your partner to accompany you ring shopping. (Note: before you take off shopping, make sure you have your accomplice’s correct ring size).

At the jewellery shop, involve your partner in the ring selection process. The more involved she feels the less of a chance she’ll smoke you out.

When you’ve settled on a particular ring, ask your partner to try it on. She’ll likely find this part exciting so now would be a good time to casually ask: “Hey, what’s your ring size?” If she’s not sure, ask the jeweller to size you both on the spot.

If you want to make this Decoy Method even more effective, change gears:

Phone the jeweller in advance and get him in on the game. This way, he’ll expect you and you won’t have to prompt him to size your partner.

And to squash any gram of suspicion your partner may have, purchase the inexpensive ring. Stick to your plan and gift it to the decoy recipient. This tactic has top marks for stealth and is very accurate, it drastically reduces the chance for sizing errors.

13#: The Friend Method

Level of Difficulty: 5/10
Level of Accuracy: 10/10
Level of Stealth: 10/10

Do any close friends know your partner’s ring size? Her close friends may have this insight.

If not, are you willing to recruit her friend? Preferably one with acting skills. She can either ask what her ring size is (nonchalantly) or go out for lunch. Then, casually walk into a jewellery shop to try on some bling – just for fun!

While there, the jeweller will be more than happy to size two potential customers.

14#: The Already-Engaged Method

Level of Difficulty: 4/10
Level of Accuracy: 6/10
Level of Stealth: 9/10

Do you have a close mutual friend who is already engaged or married?

Sarah did: “I helped a friend get his girlfriend’s ring size. She tried on my wedding band. A perfect fit, so he went for my ring size.”

Can you hunt down a married friend and do the same?

15#: The White Lie Method

Level of Difficulty: 3/10
Level of Accuracy: 10/10
Level of Stealth: 9/10

Tell your partner you are planning to buy a ring for yourself. Ask her to help you choose it. In fact, show her pictures of some rings you’ve found so far.

For maximum effect, continue this ruse over a few weeks. Maybe until she thinks you forgot about the idea. Then, while out shopping, remind her about it and dart straight into a nearby jewellery shop to see what rings are on offer.

With a low difficulty level, this is an easy way to figure out ring sizes.

If the salesperson is any good, they’ll be quick to size you both for a potential new purchase.

"When I first saw the ring, my heart sunk" said Jen.
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16#: The Shop Con Method

Level of Difficulty: 6/10
Level of Accuracy: 10/10
Level of Stealth: 10/10

Is there something coming up that your partner can celebrate? Maybe a big accomplishment. Tell your partner you’d like to take her to the local jewellery shop. Why? To pick out a special gift – be upfront about it too.

To celebrate, tell her you were thinking of buying her a bracelet, necklace or a pair of earrings. While you’re browsing in the jewellery shop, have her try on some rings – just for the fun of it. A perfect time to get her ring sized.

As previously mentioned, you could speak to the jeweller in advance so he expects you and spontaneously sizes your partner.

What gives this tactic 10/10 for stealth? You’re actually in the shop to make a real purchase, a special gift – which is enough of a distraction from your main goal of secretly sizing her engagement ring finger.

17#: The Impulse Purchase Method

Level of Difficulty: 7/10
Level of Accuracy: 10/10
Level of Stealth: 10/10

Buy your partner an inexpensive costume jewellery ring. Tell her you thought she’d like it, and it was the last one – at a great price. Let her try it on. If it fits, great, you now know her ring size.

If it doesn’t fit, tell her you just need to know her ring size and you’ll get it resized.

Don’t worry if she doesn’t fancy the costume jewellery ring, because as you know, you’re on a mission. Wait until she feasts her eyes on the unique engagement ring you’re about to create.

18#: The Lost & Found Method

Level of Difficulty: 7/10
Level of Accuracy: 7/10
Level of Stealth: 9/10

Similar to The Impulse Purchase Method. Buy an inexpensive costume jewellery ring that you have a hunch will fit your partner – then say; “I found this on the pavement, what should I do with it?”

Hopefully, she’s willing to at least try the ring on for fun. If it fits, great, you now know her exact ring size. If it doesn’t fit correctly, you’re probably not far off. You could get away with changing the ring size by half either way. But if the size is way off, you’ll need to investigate further with one of the other ring sizing tactics.

19#: The Drunken Master Method

Level of Difficulty: ?/10
Level of Accuracy: 3/10
Level of Stealth: 11/10

Yep, those difficulty levels are correct. Here’s why:

“Sounds creepy, but what I did with mine was wait until she came back from a night drinking with the girls and passed out on the couch, so I put a blanket on her and quickly looked a piece of string around her ring finger and took it to the jewelers,” said a reddit member.

I have no further comment on this barely legal (or should I say ingenious) approach.

20#: The Auntie Rose Method

Level of Difficulty: 6/10
Level of Accuracy: 9/10
Level of Stealth: 10/10

“… When I proposed to Sarah, I asked her auntie to find out her ring size. She told my wife she’s selling the non-fitting costume jewellery rings in her collection and asked what my wife’s size was. “I’m a size M” she said. “That’s a shame; none of them are an M. Sorry!” Sarah had no idea we were after her ring size. I was right there and it worked perfectly.”

Can a similar approach work for you?

21#: The Shopping Spree Method

Level of Difficulty: 4/10
Level of Accuracy: 10/10
Level of Stealth: 10/10

“That’s how I did it,” said Tonny. “Got both her sisters in on the plot, when the three of them went on their annual “Sisters day out shopping spree”. She turned out to be a size 5…”

This method is guaranteed to work even better if the shopping spree is on you.

22#: The “How Well Do You Know Me?” Method

Level of Difficulty: 9/10
Level of Accuracy: 9/10
Level of Stealth: 9/10

This is similar to The Game Method.

Search the internet for a “how well do you know your partner” quiz. Buzzfeed is a great source for such. Check out this example quiz I found for you.

When you’ve find the right quiz, copy and paste the questions in your preferred word processor ready for editing. Before printing the quiz, add your key question; “what is your partner’s engagement ring size?”

Add related questions too, like; “what is your partner’s shoe, bra, waist size?”

If your partner knows her ring size, your problem is immediately solved.

What if she doesn’t know her ring size?

Act surprised; “I thought only men didn’t know?” But make sure you have the free ring sizer you ordered stashed away in a draw with all your junk mail. Then, think of a good enough reason why you have a ring sizer, just in case she becomes suspicious.

Now, let’s see how smooth you really are…

You’ll need your free ring sizer before trying any methods in this last category. Order it here.

23#: The Dinner Method

Level of Difficulty: 6/10
Level of Accuracy: 9/10
Level of Stealth: 10/10

Give your ring sizer to the friend or family member that coincidentally invited you and your partner for dinner.

Tell them to keep the ring sizer visible on the table, obviously – near the bottle of wine. Then arrange for someone to casually ask; “what’s that thing?”

After explaining what it is, pass the ring sizer around the table until your partner sticks her finger in it – boom!

24#: The Heavy Sleeper Method

Level of Difficulty: 8/10
Level of Accuracy: 8/10
Level of Stealth: 7/10

“I always sleep while watching football, so my partner used a ring sizer on me during the second half of the match. I felt him fiddling with my hand but it seemed like he was just moving it closer to his chest, and I never knew what he actually did until he proposed 6 weeks later. Sneaky!”

25#: The Mystery Mail Method

Level of Difficulty: 5/10
Level of Accuracy: 9/10
Level of Stealth: 10/10

If you live together, order a free ring sizer in your partner’s name.

It will arrive as if it’s part of a standard mailshot marketing promotion. Take an interest in this “special” delivery.

Measure your own finger first. Measure your toes, have fun with it. Just remember, at some point, to get her finger in it too. She’ll never suspect anything – especially knowing the mysterious marketing package arrived in her own name.

26#: The Grandma Method

Level of Difficulty: 5/10
Level of Accuracy: 9/10
Level of Stealth: 10/10

Have your mom, grandmother, sister, or friend, declare that she wants to knit winter gloves for your partner.

All she needs to start is her finger measurements.

Does she know any of them? Let’s hope so.

If not, pull out that dusty old ring sizer. After all, you’ve had in your drawer for all these years – get measuring.

To avoid suspicion, measure the length of her fingers with a tape measure or ruler too. And voila, Grandma saves the day!

27#: The Crafty Method

Level of Difficulty: 6/10
Level of Accuracy: 9/10
Level of Stealth: 9/10

Do you have a friend or relative into crafts? If so, casually mention to your partner that they are thinking of making a line of rings to sell but don’t know the best size to make first.

To get a rough idea of the most common sizes, she is drafting as many friends as possible to submit their own sizes. Hint, hint; can you both be helpful and do the same?

“Of course” she’ll say. Then, pull out your previously ordered ring sizer. Tell her your friend was kind enough to lend it to you for a few days. To kill any suspicion, ask your neighbours to volunteer their sizes too.

Can one of these tactics work for you?

I certainly hope so. Before you pick your top 3 methods, read on to discover…

Ring sizing myths that will make you look daft…

Can You Estimate Ring Size by Height and Weight?

Of course you can. Anything is possible: “a friend of mine used a picture of his girlfriend holding a coke can to mathematically determine the size she would wear. I’m nowhere near smart enough for something like that (he’s an engineer), but the ring was a perfect fit,” reports one happy groom on

The internet is awash with weird and wonderful ring sizing methods. Estimating size by height and weight is one of them. Should you seriously consider this option?

Well, “estimating” a ring size is something you want to avoid when investing a substantial sum in an engagement ring. Deploying one of the many tactics above will reward you with a far more accurate engagement ring size.

Should You Trust a Piece of String to Size Your Engagement Ring?

Many online jewellers recommend a string measuring approach.

While this method can work, there are safer, easier and more accurate options to choose from. The main problem with using string is it stretches too easily. This increases the chance of sizing errors. Paper, on the other hand, doesn’t stretch, so it’s your next best option.

Printable Ring Sizers – Really?

Yep, another ring sizing tool available to confuse men even more.

While I don’t recommend relying on a printable ring sizer, it may be the only option available to you. This is why we provide a printable ring sizer. It has full instructions to help you get the most accurate measurement possible. Dare I say, avoid using it if you can.

Download Your Printable Ring Sizer Here.

Who Measures Ring Size With a Tape Measure? Knuckleheads?

Should you even think about measuring your future wife’s engagement ring finger with a measuring tape?

Allow me to explain.

Stethoscopes are for doctors. Tractors are for farmers. And tape measures are for builders. Period.

What then, do jewellers use to size rings? Yep, you guessed it. They use ring sizers! Order yours here. No further comment.

How to Guess Ring Size

Let’s get one thing straight. A bespoke shoemaker could probably guess your shoe size at a quick glance.

A Saville Row tailor could do the same with your waist size.

But as master artisans, they wouldn’t start your commission unless they double checked your precise measurements.

Yet, why is it that millions of men who have “never” worked a jewellery bench think they can accurately guess a woman’s finger size by looking into her eyes? I still haven’t worked this one out after over 20 years in the gemstone and jewellery trade.

That said, is guessing your partner’s ring size your last resort?

Maybe there is a saving alternative.

Women’s Average Ring Sizes – Your Final Option

If for whatever reason, all else fails, your final option may be resorting to the law of averages.

The vast majority of women’s fingers fall into the average UK ring size of M or N, and the U.S. size 7. But, relying solely on average measurements is mighty risky. Your
ring may have to go in for resizing a day after you propose – which isn’t ideal.

Things to Remember About Measuring Your Ring Size

  • Measure your partner’s finger at the end of the day. This avoids getting a false size in the morning when blood circulation and pressure makes your fingers larger.
  • Your body reacts to temperature changes in your surroundings. Avoid measuring her finger when it is too hot or too cold.
  • What is your partners dominant hand? Remember, her two hands differ in size. To guarantee a perfect fit, measure the ring wearing finger on the correct hand, which is traditionally – the left hand.
  • Confused between two sizes? Choose the larger size. It’s easier to remove metal, or downsize a ring, than it is to add metal when increasing its size.

When Should You Panic?

If, for whatever reason, the ring size is slightly off, there’s no need to panic.

You can always get the ring perfectly resized after you propose. An inconvenience for sure, but sizing her ring correctly must be done as a matter of priority. The last thing you want is your fiance’s ring falling off her finger without realising it. Believe me, it happens. And that’s the only real time to panic.

The thing is, when you place the ring on your partner’s finger for the first time, she may feel it is too big, too small, and even uncomfortable. This is normal. It may just need some time to settle.

Think of it as a process like breaking in a new pair of leather shoes. They need time and mileage before they begin to fit right. Which is why, unless it’s plainly obvious that the ring size is wrong, we recommend clients to wear their ring for 7-10 days before requesting a resize. This avoids resizing too soon.

“Yes, Yes, Yes, I Will Marry You!”

Your big day is looming.

Which one of the 27 tactics to secretly find out your girlfriend’s ring size will you try?

Let us know in the comment box below. (In fact, if you’d like to contribute a sneaky tactic of your own, we’ll add it to the growing list).

In conclusion, it must be said, the most accurate method to measure a ring involves a jeweller doing it for. After all, he’s the professional, he’s likely sized thousands of rings before meeting you. He will ensure the ring fits correctly.

That said, the methods in this post are creative, sneaky, and highly effective.

They’ve been used by fighter jet pilots, special forces officers, and hostage negotiators. You could be next.

Remember though, being sneaky requires patience and good planning.

The more time you invest into keeping your proposal a surprise, the less suspicion you’ll attract, and the more memorable your surprise big day will turn out.

"When I first saw the ring, my heart sunk" said Jen.
Discover how to avoid buying a ring she'd prefer to exchange. Take the quick assessment